The capital city of the Imperium and the holy city of the Oracles of Harmony. It is located in the province of Divina and houses the headquarters for the Lorekeeper Order.

The city itself is divided into many neighborhoods; the most notable of which are Oldspital, the Woodsmen’s Quarter, Pilgrims Way, and Highchapel Hill. The city can also be classified into two sections known as Old Town and New Town which each encompass neighborhoods that were built before and after the Great Expansion, respectively.

Aurim began as a small logging camp built on a lumber industry that used the nearby river to mill and then float the resulting goods downstream to other settlements. Over time, a variety of service providers also settled in the area to cater to the needs of the loggers. It was around this time that the Oracles of Harmony was officially founded. (See Religion in the Imperium.) As the forests were gradually cleared, farmers moved into the area and the simple camp began to look more like a proper town.

However, it wasn’t until the discovery of gold in the nearby hills that Aurim truly established itself. The subsequent influx of settlers and economic prosperity greatly aided in the spread of the Oracles’ philosophy. Those that left after there was no more gold to be mined took the Oracles’ teachings with them until it became the predominant religion in the Imperium. Knowing they would no longer be able to rely upon gold nor lumber to support their greatly increased population, Aurim’s leadership rallied the citizenry in funding the Great Expansion, aimed at leveraging the city’s new status as a pilgrimage site.

Up until this point, the city had grown organically, with little in terms of formal city planning, but the Great Expansion sought to change that. They plotted out new districts using a grid layout with a main street known as Pilgrims Way running straight up to an elaborate cathedral on Highchapel Hill that would serve as a new headquarters for the faith and appropriately grand housing for their relics. Although it took many decades, the project was ultimately funded and completed in its entirety thanks in large part due to patronage from supporters of the Oracles of Harmony.

The completion of New Town saw the exodus of many wealthy individuals from their residences in Old Town with many of their old manors sold to landlords. Eventually the old homes were partitioned into separate residences and rented, establishing slums such as Oldspital.


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