Welcome to the Fates campaign home page.

This is a new campaign using the Fate Core RPG system.

Players are Fated people living in the Imperium. The Fated are special people born with the spirits of characters from classic folk tales, mythology, and legends. These spirits grant powers associated with the character. For example, the spirit of Hercules grants physical strength while the spirit of the Little Mermaid grants a beautiful singing voice. The spirits also impart any flaws built into the character like Hercules’ madness or the Little Mermaid’s painful footsteps as a human.

They are guided to relive their designated stories by the primary religious organization of the setting known as the Oracles of Harmony. Meanwhile, the Sect of Righteous Will wants the Fated to live their own lives free from the stories, and rumors spread of a mysterious figure amassing support from villainous or tragic Fated.

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