The wise beggar who dispenses justice


A fire engulfed my town and took everything from me. Everyone I knew, everyone I loved, everything I had was taken from me. Istine had a vision one day of me and this created an emotional tie to between us due to my immense pain and yet kind heart. She followed this until she found me in a town i was going through. She introduced me to the Lore Keeper Order, who took me in and changed how I see the world. I pass my wisdom on to those that need it and teach those the strength they need to carry on from tragedy. I now push through any obstacle in my path. (Aspect – Strength to Carry On)

While wandering around a village a giant storm sweeps through. Calhoun goes into the first building he finds, a stable, to seek shelter. He runs into Kala, who is also taking shelter here. Kala was nice enough to introduce her self and talk to Calhoun during the downpour. She also gave the poor beggar some bread. This act of kindness leads Calhoun to bestow a gift to Kala. Knowing her back story, he casts a charm upon her allowing her to partially control her murdering ghost, giving her visions of good and bad in people to teach the ghost control. (Aspect – Finds the Worthy Through Trials – Rewards Them if Worthy)

Calhoun continues wandering with Didarro in his search for his lion. Didarro’s travels allow Calhoun to search for other fates and continue testing those they come in contact with. He learns a lot about combat from Didarro, but his lack of strength makes him really awkward when trying to do what he has seen Didarro do. He tries to be a super strong man, but can’t quite get the hang of it because, well, hes not strong. (Aspect – Awkward Fighting Stance)


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