A Fateful Reunion

"Hello friends! Fancy meeting you here."

Fleeing from the wrath of a vengeful Python, Kala is smuggled into Aurim by a farmer in exchange for a fee of 30 copper. Luckily, when cornered by the farmer for payment after successfully entering the city, Kala scrounges up just enough to pay the man.

Now alone in a new city, Kala hears a familiar voice shouting in the distance. When she approaches to investigate, she recognizes Didarro surrounded by a crowd of people, loudly questioning them about his lion. Stepping forward, she asks after Calhoun, remembering the trinket he gave her to help her control her impulses. With the crowd dispersing, the two head off to find Calhoun who Didarro remembers is researching the Nemean Lion in the Cathedral of Harmony’s library.

Unfortunately, Didarro, this also being his first time in the city but confident in his ability to find his way, promptly gets them lost. After 30 minutes and a dead end leading to the stoop of a house, Kala realizes he has no idea where he’s going and becomes paranoid as her haunting spirit whispers to her about how Didarro must be doing this on purpose to trap her or lure her into an ambush. After crying it out and breathing deeply, Kala manages to calm herself down enough to keep going. Meanwhile, Didarro has managed to acquire some directions from a local woman and the two manage to find their way back to a larger street.

At the same time, Calhoun finishes up his research in the library and steps outside to find Didarro has wandered off again. Ultimately, after questioning people on the street and with a little extra help from the clerics at the church in Oldspital, he manages to find his muscled friend and notices the girl following him. As the three get reacquainted, Calhoun leads them back to the Cathedral where he and Didarro have been staying. On the way back, they are beset by a group of street urchins. While the rest create a distraction, one of the urchins pickpockets Didarro, stealing a necklace from his pack. Calhoun spots the lift and though amused by the pluck of the young boys, warns Didarro that he’s just been robbed. Didarro promptly gives chase and just manages to follow the boy until two guards apprehend the little thief for him. He reclaims the necklace after convincing them that it was his late wife’s. As the guards are about to take the boy away, Olenna and Istine come riding in to claim custody.

Earlier that day, Mortimer Ananke had called for a meeting with Olenna and Istine. He informed them that while they were technically on leave, he hoped they would be willing to assist him in an interesting case while they were still in the city. He informed them that he had received a tip that children were being abducted and that the tipster was accusing a prominent business man and Fated by the name of Mr. Crispin. He suggested they start by trying to find the tipster who he suspected was a member of one of the street urchin gangs in Oldspital.


Lidiana Lidiana

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